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Perhaps America’s most serious public health concern in the 21st century is the increasing incidence of obesity.  Medical research continues to unravel the many causes and consequences of a population with growing waistlines while politicians and economists debate the social and financial repercussions.  The medical problems that have been linked to obesity include serious, chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease - all of which can diminish a patient's quality of life (at best) or lead to an early death (at worst).  Unfortunately, the likelihood of developing an obesity-related comorbidity increases as a person’s weight increases.

At GastricSurgeon.com, we strive to provide patients with current, accurate, and unbiased information about surgical weight loss options and alternatives. Whether you are seeking answers for yourself or a friend or family member, you can browse or search our articles to find the information you need.  From a preliminary evaluation of whether you would make a good candidate for surgery to ways to adopt a healthy lifestyle, GastricSurgeon.com is an extensive resource for information on gastric bypass and other forms of weight loss surgery. If your question has not yet been addressed in our database, we invite you to ask one of our experts. When  you are ready to take the first step, we can help connect you with a board-certified bariatric surgeon in your area.   And, when you encounter new questions during recovery, you can visit our post-surgery section.      

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