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Houston, Texas Lap Band & Gastric Bypass Surgery

A problem in Houston, Texas and throughout the world, obesity continues to increase medical costs for America. If you have found yourself experiencing medical problems (such as hypertension) as a result of your weight, obesity help is available. Depending on your BMI (40 and above in the absence of medical problems, or 35 and above if medical problems are present), you may want to consider weight loss surgery like gastric bypass surgery or Lap Band® surgery. Bariatric surgery is not for everyone, and only your surgeon can help you decide if the gastric band, gastric bypass, or another weight loss surgery is best for you.

Located in southeastern Texas, Houston has many quality medical facilities for those who plan to undergo gastric banding, bypass surgery, or another procedure. For example, Memorial Hermann Hospital, the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, and HCA Houston are just three of the many facilities for weight loss surgery.

Sometimes called the “Space City,” there are many fun things to do when visiting Houston. If you plan to have gastric bypass or Lap Band® surgery in Houston, you should consider going early to view some of the Houston tourist attractions including the Space Center in Houston, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Houston zoo, the Holocaust Museum, or the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Depending on what time of year your bariatric surgery will occur, you may also want to buy tickets to a sporting event like the Houston Rockets (Houston’s NBA team).

Bariatric Surgeons in Houston, Texas

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Bariatric Surgeon
1315 St Joseph Parkway #1800
Houston TX 77002
Bariatric Surgeon
1200 Binz St. Suite 950
Houston TX 77004
Bariatric Surgeon
1200 Binz St Suite 950
Houston TX 77004


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