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Why has the topic of obesity been paid so much attention in the news of late?  With millions of Americans of all ages and backgrounds being obese, the country is faced with an obesity epidemic.  But obesity is not an isolated problem; individuals with obesity have a higher risk for getting medical conditions like joint disease, sleep apnea, hypertension, GERD, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, and heart disease among other problems.  If, as a country, we are not able to resolve this pressing public health issue, many Americans may have compromised health statuses, which lead to more health care expenditures and poor quality of life.

The answer for many who have struggled with obesity is weight loss surgery.  Although not for everyone (most candidates need a BMI > 40 or >35 and a health problem), bariatric surgery procedures like the lap band and gastric bypass have been shown to be more effective and safer than earlier procedures.  How do they work? With the lap band, a band is used to make the stomach smaller.  Similarly, with gastric bypass, part of the stomach is sealed off and food is diverted to the intestines through a bypass that is added by the surgeon.  Both methods are based on the idea that a lower stomach capacity will require less food (and, by extension, fewer calories) to make the patient feel full.

Looking for an Ohio Center of Excellence surgeon?  You can make an appointment at some of Ohio’s hospitals including the Cleveland Clinic or the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.  For specific areas.

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