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Winston-Salem, NC Weight Loss Surgery Methods

Are you seeking obesity help in Winston-Salem, North Carolina after receiving a warning from your primary care doctor about the potential for a number of serious consequences that could result from being obese? It is true that obesity has been linked to the development and exacerbation of a host of health complications: for example, obesity-related heart disease, joint diseases, hypertension, sleep apnea, and others. If your diet and exercise regime has not been effective at getting you to your target weight, bariatric surgery in Winston-Salem, NC might be an option. What do you need to know about weight loss surgery in Winston Salem? Gastric bypass surgery and Lap Band® surgery are the two kinds of methods that most Winston-Salem and other gastric surgeons will choose although biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch and vertical banded gastroplasty are also available. Most qualified bypass surgery and gastric banding candidates have a BMI that measures 40 or up. However, ask your doctor because with a BMI below that number, you could get a gastric band if your situation includes a negative medical condition that is causing problems.

Do you know that you want to have weight loss surgery in the Forsyth county area? With so many medical facilities around, Winston Salem has many medical resources like Medical Park Hospital, Forsyth Memorial Hospital, and Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.

Travel plans to Winston-Salem for surgery should include tourist activities. Stop at Reynolda Gardens, SciWorks, Hanes Mall, or the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA).

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