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Yonkers, New York Gastric Surgeons

Are you thinking about weight loss surgery like Lap Band® surgery in Yonkers, New York? Or has your doctor suggested gastric bypass surgery in Yonkers? Both of these bariatric surgery methods are forms of obesity help for patients living in or willing to travel to Yonkers.   Also called gastric banding, the Lap Band® in Yonkers involves the use of a gastric band that is adjustable. The band goes around the stomach, dividing it into an upper and a lower section. When food enters the smaller upper section, the patient starts feeling full sooner than before. Based on a similar idea, gastric bypass also results in a division of the stomach using staples, but then, instead of food dropping from the top to the bottom and then entering the intestines, it is directed through a bypass from the top directly to the intestines.  Call your Yonkers gastric surgeon today and schedule a consultation for weight loss surgery.

In southeastern New York in Westchester county, Yonkers is home to a range of health care options for those who might be thinking about Lap Band® surgery or other bariatric surgery. For example, there is St. John’s Riverside Hospital, Lawrence Hospital Center, and Phelps Memorial Hospital Center.

Do you have gastric bypass surgery or another method scheduled in Yonkers? Prior to the surgery, other activity possibilities might include a trip into New York City, Philipse Manor Hall, or the Hudson River Museum at Yonkers. You could also take a ferry from Yonkers to Manhattan.

Bariatric Surgeons in Yonkers, New York

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