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Have you heard about Lap Band® surgery or perhaps of gastric bypass surgery? Both of these weight loss surgery techniques of Worcester, Massachusetts obese patients and others around the country an option for obesity help. An increased number of people in Worcester are considering weight loss surgery because of the connections between long- and short-term health problems and obesity. Like the name suggests, the first technique uses a gastric band to reconfigure the stomach into two sections. Because the smaller top section does not require as much food as before for a full feeling, less food is consumed by the patient. Bypass surgery in Worcester, MA similarly creates a smaller “stomach” with staples then adds a bypass from this smaller “stomach” to the intestines of the patient. Gastric banding and other evaluations can be arranged through your Worcester, Massachusetts gastric surgeon.

Worcester hospitals and medical facilities in the Worcester area include Worcester State Hospital, Saint Vincent Hospital, Ad Care Hospital of Worcester, and University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center among others. What great reasons to think about having bariatric surgery performed in Worcester!

What else does a trip to Worcester for the gastric bypass surgery method or Lap Band® surgery offer you? During your trip, you could also make plans to see the American Antiquarian Society, Crompton Park, or the Dr. Robert H. Goddard Memorial.   Other options include: Worcester Historical Museum, Worcester Art Museum, Playoff Entertainment Arcade, the Higgins Armory Museum, Quinsigamond State Park, or the annual Worcester Music Festival.

Bariatric Surgeons in Worcester, Massachusetts

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