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Lap Band Adjustable Gastric Banding Surgery Information for Indianapolis, Indiana

 Like many areas of the country, Indianapolis, Indiana has seen an increase in the prevalence of obesity among its population. Options for obesity help in Indianapolis, IN include gastric bypass surgery, Lap Band® surgery, vertical banded gastroplasty, or biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch. All of these weight loss surgery procedures have been used in the past, but the two most common in today’s medical community are the gastric band and bypass surgery. Depending on your BMI (usually 40 or above) and whether or not you experience health problems as a result of obesity (BMI of 35), your gastric surgeon may suggest a gastric banding, gastric bypass surgery, or other bariatric surgery.

In the Indianapolis and central Indiana area are many prominent medical facilities that may be a good choice for a weight loss surgery. For example, you may choose to have surgery at the Indiana University Medical Center. Other possibilities include the Clarion Health Hospitals or St. Francis Hospital.

Before your bariatric surgery, perhaps make some travel plans to enjoy the many activities that Indianapolis has to offer.  Among these are Crossroads Greenhouse, Freetown Village, and the Colonel Eli Lilly Civil War Museum. The Pacers are among the major sports teams that you could see play a home game during your stay in Indianapolis. If you would like to spend the day in the outdoors, stop by Eagle Creek Park and Marina. There are also a number of amusement parks available including Fishers Family Entertainment Center and Greattimes Fun Park. 

Bariatric Surgeons in Indianapolis, Indiana

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