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Perhaps one of the most concerning national health problems today is the increasing prevalence of obesity in America and in states like Georgia.  On top of the numerous costs and lingering social stigma that are directly associated with obesity, obesity has been linked to various other complications such as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), hyperlipidemia, joint disease, high blood pressure, and many others.   Because obesity is considered to be a risk factor for so many potential comorbidities, a great number of primary doctors are suggesting that their patients consider weight loss surgery.

If your physician has advised you that weight loss will be crucial to your long-term health, you may have many questions about bariatric surgery.  Although there are a total of four types of procedures available, many surgeons opt for gastric bypass surgery or the lap band nowadays.  Both procedures make the size of the portion of the stomach that holds food smaller – albeit through different methods (the lap band uses an adjustable band whereas gastric bypass uses staples and a bypass.   The decision will depend on your past medical history, current health status, and Body Mass Index (BMI).

To find a surgeon for one of the aforementioned procedures, a good place to begin would be to set up an appointment with a physician at one of Georgia’s many medical facilities like Emory Medical Center, University Hospital, or Atlanta Medical Center.  Please also use the city links that are provided below to locate a gastric surgeon who is in your neighborhood.

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