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St. Petersburg, FL Bariatric Surgery Evaluation

With as many as one third of Americans being obese, obesity is a national problem that also touches St. Petersburg, Florida. Research has found connections between obesity and a whole host of other negative health issues – sleep apnea, diabetes, and joint disease to name a few.   The good news is that scientific advances have made weight loss surgery safer and more effective than it once was. If you need obesity help in St Petersburg, FL, schedule a bariatric surgery evaluation with your gastric surgeon.  Candidates who choose Lap Band® surgery will receive a gastric band to divide their stomach into two compartments. The smaller top compartment will have the effect of the patient feeling full faster. Like gastric banding, gastric bypass surgery in Saint Petersburg creates two pouches in the stomach with staples. In addition, the surgeon redirects food via a bypass from the top section to the person’s intestines.

Considering gastric banding or bypass surgery in the western Florida region? St. Petersburg and Tampa have many health care facilities. These include St. Petersburg General Hospital, Edward White Hospital, St. Anthony’s Hospital, Bayfront Medical Center, and Kindred Hospital.

Have spare time before your St. Petersburg weight loss surgery is scheduled? Before Lap Band® surgery or gastric bypass surgery, consider exploring the city. Major sports teams here are the Buccaneers, and the Tampa Bay Rays. You could also spend some time on the beach enjoying the beautiful weather.   Check out the Clearwater Marine Aquarium or Pier Aquarium if you like fish.

Bariatric Surgeons in Saint Petersburg, Florida

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