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Pueblo, CO Lap Band Surgery or Gastric Bypass Surgery Eligibility

Are you a candidate for Pueblo weight loss surgery? To get a rough idea, you could enter your information into the calculator on the left. Most people who qualify for Pueblo bariatric surgery obesity help have a Body Mass Index above 40 – or they have a lower Body Mass Index as well as a health issue that is caused or made worse by their weight. For example, you could be eligible for Pueblo Lap Band® surgery or gastric bypass surgery with a lower BMI if you have been diagnosed with GERD, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, or diabetes – or one of the many other weight-related health problems.   How do these methods bring about effective weight loss? Pueblo gastric banding will divide your stomach into a small top area and a larger lower area via a gastric band. Doing this means that you will feel full faster. Likewise, bypass surgery in Pueblo divides the stomach similarly. The difference is that Pueblo gastric bypass uses staples and then also creates a new path – or bypass – from the upper stomach to the individual’s intestines.

Pueblo belongs to the southern Colorado county with the same name.   One hospital in Pueblo is Saint Mary Corwin Hospital. Schools include Pueblo Community College.

A trip to Pueblo for bariatric surgery could also include activities in the days leading up to your procedure. Local points of interest include Rosemount Museum, San Isabel National Forest, the Pueblo Zoo, the Greenhorn Mountain Wilderness Area, Comanche National Grasslands, Bear Lake, and Wet Mountains.

Bariatric Surgeons in Pueblo, Colorado

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Bariatric Surgeon
1925 E Orman Ave Ste A435
Pueblo CO 81004
Bariatric Surgeon
1650 Cochran Circle
Ft. Carson CO 80913
Bariatric Surgeon
2222 N Nevada Ave #235017
Colorado Springs CO 80907


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