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Temecula, CA Gastric Bypass Surgery

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Obesity is as much a problem in Temecula, California as it is in other parts of the state and the country. The bad news is that untreated obesity can lead to many other medical problems that decrease quality of life, increase mortality, and add up in terms of treatment costs. But there is good news too. Although physicians usually first advise trying regular exercise and a restricted diet for Temecula patients who need to lose weight, medications that suppress appetite or work via other mechanisms may be used to complement these attempts. If patients are not able to lose weight or cannot lose enough weight using these more conservative options, consulting a Temecula bariatric surgeon regarding weight loss surgery is typically the next step. In addition to today's most frequently performed procedures (gastric bypass surgery, the Lap Band), emerging methods (some of which may not yet be officially approved for all patients in the U.S. but may be in clinical trials) may also be available from select surgeons in the southern California area.

As a large city north of San Diego and southeast of Irvine, Temecula is close to excellent medical centers in both of these locations. Patients who are considering gastric banding or similar procedures can also choose from surgeons in the Los Angeles region if they are willing to drive a short distance more. Even though California's prevalence of overweight and obesity is below the rates in a number of other states, Californians should not neglect this pressing that to health. Whether you or someone you know in Temecula needs a surgical intervention for obesity, you can initiate the process by getting in touch with a bariatric department at a hospital near you.

Bariatric Surgeons in Temecula, California

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