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If your doctor has warned you that being obese could lead to other serious complications, you may be looking for Mountain View, California obesity help options.   Indeed, researchers have found connections between obesity and illnesses like cardiovascular disease, GERD, high blood pressure, diabetes, and many others. For this reason, many obese patients are considering bariatric surgery such as Lap Band® surgery or gastric bypass surgery. Although an important first step, diet and exercise are not always effective at achieving a patient’s necessary weight loss goals. If you find yourself in this situation, Mountain View, CA gastric bypass or gastric banding weight loss surgery may be the solution. You may qualify for a gastric band with a Body Mass Index as low as 35 if you also exhibit symptoms or have been diagnosed with an obesity-related health problem. Because all situations are different, it is best to have an evaluation with your Mountain View gastric surgeon.

Mountain View is located in Santa Clara County near Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay area of northern California. The area is served by El Camino Hospital, Mountain View Healthcare Center, and nearby Stanford Hospital and Clinics.

Those who plan to have weight loss surgery in Mountain View can visit some of the area’s tourist attractions prior to undergoing the procedure. For example, because the region is known for its role in developing the computer industry, a trip to Mountain View, CA would not be complete without a stop at the Computer History Museum.

Bariatric Surgeons in Mountain View, California

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2500 Grant Rd. Box 956904
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795 El Camino Real Lee Building, Level 3
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