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Fairfield, CA Bariatric Surgery

Are you looking for your Fairfield, California weight loss surgery options for obesity help? Like many cities, Fairfield has been touched by the problem of obesity in the United States. Bariatric surgery in Fairfield is an alternative way to lose weight when diet and exercise fail but a patient’s weight puts them at risk for other medical complications. Fairfield Lap Band® surgery or Fairfield, CA gastric bypass surgery could benefit you if your BMI (that is, your Body Mass Index) is higher than or equal to 40. However, should you have cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, or another problem caused by your weight, your Fairfield bariatric physician may make an exception for lower BMIs to get a gastric band or bypass. Therefore, you should schedule an appointment to discuss your medical history and current situation as well as how you might benefit from gastric banding with your Fairfield gastric surgeon.  

Fairfield is in the northern California county of Solano and is considered to be part of the San Francisco Bay area. The vicinity has a variety of options for medical services including Kaiser Permanente and Northbay Healthcare.  

A trip to Fairfield, CA for weight loss surgery offers numerous destinations to add to your schedule. Wine enthusiasts could take a drive to Napa Valley. Local parks include Alan Witt Park, Rockville Hills Regional Park, and Fairfield Linear Park. Another option would be to tour the local Jelly Belly factory. Fairfield is also about equidistant from tourist destinations in Sacramento and San Francisco.

Bariatric Surgeons in Fairfield, California

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Bariatric Surgeon
401 Gregory Kane #204
Pleasant Hill CA 94523
Bariatric Surgeon
401 Gregory Lane #204
Pleasant Hill CA 94523
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901 Nevin Ave
Richmond CA 94801


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