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Like other areas of the United States, California has not been exempt from the national obesity epidemic.  On an individual level, obesity puts a person at elevated risk for such potential medical issues such as gastroesophagealreflux disease (GERD), joint problems, diabetes, and a host of others. At the state and national levels, obesity and its related health problems represent a substantial costin terms of both health care expenditures and lost productivity from missed work time as a result of obesity-related illness.

But in the midst of these concerns, scientific advancements have emerged in the area of weight loss surgery procedures that serve as alternatives for individuals who have been unable to reach their ideal weight through exercise and diet.  In particular, the lap band and gastric bypass surgery are considered to be both safe and effective at helping people achieve a healthful weightthat can be maintained.  Although these are the two procedures that are performed with the greatest frequency, only your bariatric surgery doctor will be able to make the determination as to which surgical option will be best.

In addition to its beautiful coastline and pleasant climate, California offers a large number of prominent medical institutions – such as UCLA Medical Center, USC Medical Center, Stanford University Medical Center, and Cedars-Sinai Hospital. You could start the process by arranging to meet with a physician at one of these facilities or explore the options below to locate a Center of Excellence surgeon in a city in your vicinity.

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