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Because of the potential effects on society, the epidemic of obesity has attracted the attention of policymakers and health care providers.  Obesity, which is determined by a person’s Body Mass Index, has become a problem in many states, and Arkansas is no exception.  One of the more troubling facts about obesity is its relationship with numerous other potentially severe medical problems such as GERD, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes among numerous others.  

If obesity is a concern for you, taking preventative steps could reduce or eliminate your risk for many of these conditions in the future.  But even if you have developed health problems from obesity, weight loss surgery like the lap band may still have the benefit of improving your health.  Another type of surgery that is performed with relative frequency is gastric bypass surgery. Both of these will help patients reduce caloric intake by shrinking the size of the stomach – either with a band or staples– which helps to produce a feeling of fullness with less food.

Are you interested in learning moreabout these potentially life-changing procedures?  Although this website can answer some basic questions about bariatric surgery procedures and costs, it is crucial to schedule an appointment with your doctor, who will be able to recommend the best course of action for your specific situation.  Although there are many options at facilities like UAMSMedical Center or Baptist Health Hospitals among others, we have compiled contact information for surgeons near you. Select your city from those below.

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