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Increasing rates of obesity have affected numerous areas of the country including Alabama.  Associated with numerous health conditions ranging from diabetes to obstructive sleep apnea, obesity is a growing national health concern.

In response to this alarming problem, medical research has developed new and improved existing weight loss surgery procedures.  The two most routinely performed surgeries are lap band surgery and gastric bypass surgery.  In the former type, the physician puts a band around the stomach; the tightness of this band is adjusted to make the upper part of the stomach (i.e., the part that will “catch food”) smaller, which generates a feeling of fullness more quickly.  One advantage of this procedure is that the digestive system remains intact.  Similarly, gastric bypass makes the top part of the stomach smaller bycreating a partition between upper and lower sections of the stomachand then routes food through a bypass. Candidates for these surgeries will likely need to meet certain Body Mass Index (BMI) requirements, so you should ask your doctor.

In addition to the benefit of substantial weight loss, these surgeries can help to ameliorate or even completely resolve some of the comorbiditiesthat are commonly associated with obesity.  If you have been told that your BMI classifies you as obese, you could begin the process by consulting with a doctor at the University of Alabama Hospital or Huntsville Hospital.  Alternately, you can explore the cities on this website to locate a bariatric surgery physician who practices in your area.

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